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People to Pray For

Please read the best seller that is out right now in the USA "90 Minutes in Heaven" for direct information on the power of prayer & read the sites listed below! This page has blue underlined links for you to double click on in order to contact different groups involved in prayer & healing in a variety of modalities, including: in sweat lodges and main stream church services, contacts to get on prayer lists, links for the info on the power of prayer, and our site prayer list, which you can get on easily by contacting When you pray for the people on this list, pray for God too! And the angels, all life on earth: the winged ones, the creepy crawlers, the hoofed, and the two leggeds. Join us daily at 3 P.M., 10 P.M., 3 A.M., and 10 A.M. to send Healings to everyone in Prayer and Meditation. Join your energies with us, Babaji (Uriel), Jesus, God, and all of the angels he joins with to send healings to everyone that needs them. Ask that the prayers go were they are most needed.

People to pray for this week are:

Willie See Ong of Manilia, Philippines, in critical condition, please pray hard and frequent for him!

Barbara Ann Larsen of Minneapolis, MN

Brian Rodenz, Darrell E. Rodenz's son, and his wife and himself of Chanhassen, MN
Joyce and her now dead cat Angel of La Crosse, WI and her other cat Blackie
Catherine Lifka, Minneapolis, MN
Terry Ellingsworth of Burnsville, MN
Claudia Gardner of Golden Valley, MN
Marianna's son of Maryland!
Rita and Frank Rzonca of London, TN
Ellen (rash) and Ricard Larsen (right rotator cuff) of Cottege Grove, MN
The People of India and Mumbai in particular and the families of all those who suffered losses!
Marty, Sophie, and her cat India, who is now in heaven!
Ishmael's and Crystal's Eye, and salmonella
Sandie and Babaji!
Ricarda Sammaneh of St. Louis Park, MN
Todd Bolbo of Big Lake, MN and all his angel beautiful Maine Coon Kitties!
Steven Tyler of Boston, MA
Floyd Jourdain, JR. and his family and His Little Eagles Drum Group and The People of the Red Lake Indian Reservation and their families! of, Red Lake, MN and all of us with defiant troubled adolescents and Goth kiddos!
Carol and Jack Bohlig of La Crosse, Wisconsin who have heart trouble and their cat Tammy, that just flew off their 4th story deck after a bird!
Kim DeLeary and Family of Ontario, Canada
Terry Ellingson of Burnsville, MN
Babaji for all the demon fighting and all of his soldiers that help him like Jeff Kelly and Dan Blackburn and Bob Mc Gallager and Rita and Frank Rzonca of London, TN
Sandie Lee Bohlig of Maple Grove, MN whose left hand is broken.
Ted Mullen, Chicago, IL
Angelo and Baby son Devivo of Milan, Italy & Angelo's mother who just passed.
Barbara Curry of Bakersfield, CA
Ellen and Richard Larsen
Karen LaFond, Roseville, MN
Carol and Jack Bohlig of La Crosse, WI
Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand of Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Reservation, SD Had a successful kidney transplant - he says thanks for your prayers!(605)441-5733
Evonna King, Raleigh, NC
Joyce and David Stiehm of La Crosse, WI
Steven of Boston, MA
David Wolfe of Lucasville, OH
Kermit of Sioux City, Iowa
Bob Larsen of Elk River, MN
Sue Blackburn, Sioux City, IA
Mary Thunder of Thunder Ranch, Texas
Lexi Wolfe of Lucasville, OH
Amber Wolfe of Lucasville, OH
Janice Phinney of St.Paul, MN
Sarah Bartlett of Cincinatti, OH
Gertrud of Karlsruhe, Germany
Jeff Keyser of Berkley, CA
Roger Peine of Hastings, MN
The Dahlens of Sioux City, IA
The Floyd Family of Minneapolis, MN
Chip Borkenhagen of Baxter, Brainerd, MN
Bob Weizenegger of Baxter, Brainerd, MN
Ishmael and Crystal Bohlig of Maple Grove, MN
Beatrice of Maple Grove, MN
Rob of Bloomington, MN

Babaji and God that they might bring upon the earth peace and a healing for all life

Please contact Sandie Lee at with your prayer requests to be placed upon the altar, free of charge

and also please contact Marge and Nate of for the same at with your prayer requests to be placed upon the altar, free of charge for a week.

Here are other places that you can double click on to contact in order to request prayers for people or healing ceremonies: Ask for Wednesday Nite Healing Ceremony by Traditional Medicine Healer at the Indian Healthboard & ask about Sweat Lodge Healings in back of St. Lukes in Minnetonka, MN Looks for Buffalo Floyd Hand,(Red Cloud's Grandson), contact info who is Famous for healing FAS/FAE kids in Sweats (I have personally watched him in sweats successfully do it)

Please visit the following sites to learn about the power of prayer in healing:

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